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Monotype Studio Jibe is an out of the box ad campaign that aims to celebrate the community of Music Producers using typography. Jibe offers an application that analyzes a users music library and educates them on the producers who are responsible for their favourite songs. The app also offers the ability to record and share songs/tracks and upload them to a feed that acts as a hub for all things musically collaborative. By submitting tracks to the application, users are entered into a contest for a chance to be sampled by the famous producer, Metro Boomin. A traveling studio pop-up acts to promote the application and mimic its recording features. All participants are also entered into the contest and invited to Jibe Disco. Jibe Disco is a silent disco where Metro Boomin will perform his sets created from and sampled by, the contest winners submissions. The silent disco approach allows users to switch from Metro Boomin's set to the contest winners' raw tracks. This explores the full process that music producers go through when sampling other artists work, and how it is more often than not, a form of collaboration. Users continue their experience by collaborating with others using the Studio Jibe application.

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