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my name is will. i'm
an excellent designer and typographer. 

I am a 21-year-old, ACAD graduate, with a BDes (Bachelors of Design). I have a cheeky smile, paired with dimples you'll want to stick your pinky into. I love a good shitty movie and a piping hot bag of extra-buttered, Landmark Cinema popcorn. I am full of ambition, sarcasm, humour (?), and most importantly I am incredibly passionate about all things TYPE. I try to incorporate some form of well thought out, typographic style within each of my projects. I believe it's important to sprinkle some personality into what you work on. The result is, more often than not, better than you expected. Humour is also something that drives me. Wit and humour aren't things that necessarily come naturally to me but, I do believe that they can be the factors that really set your work apart from others. Wit and humour aside, if there is a problem, I can solve it. IF I can achieve that, then I can say I've done my job as a Designer.


Forgive the rags.
Wix doesn't have incredible type capabilities.

Will McKeown Graphic Design Typoraphy illustration
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